Ride the carousel of folly with a Python migration

Musing Mortoray

I wanted to migrate my shelljob module from Python 2 to 3. I use this as part of the Leaf unit test setup. What I thought would be relatively straight forward has become quite a problem. I had troubles with the code itself. I had troubles uploading to PyPI. I had troubles generating documentation. I’m starting to regret even doing this.

The code migration

I presumed that I’d just open a “Migration from Python 2 to 3 Guide” and follow the instructions. Alas, there is no such guide. There appears to be no central resource whatsoever on the porting of code from version 2 to version 3. The tool 2to3 also seemed not to do anything to my code, so I was left on my own. Thankfully I have test cases.

I decided not to support targeting both versions of Python at the same time with my module. The resources…

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