[Python][vim] Notes


  1. Put imports & constants at top of the file.
  2. Don’t create objects outside of classes in the global space.
  3. No parentheses with the python “return” method. (It makes people think there should be a tuple.)


  1. Functional: uses map method to replace for loops.
  2. Procedural
  3. Object


  1. [ctrl-wr] : Swap window placement.
  2. [<space> + q] : Brings up nose error screen.
  3. [ctrl-z] : Puts vim in the background.
  4. [fg] : Puts vim back in the foreground.
  5. [<space> + re] : Reruns last test.
  6. [<space> + nm] : Right test where cursor is.
  7. [<space> + nc] : Run all tests in class.
  8. [<space> + nf] : Runs all test classes.

Github + vim

  1. [ts] : “tig status” brings up screen where you can select files to commit.
  2. [!] : Revert changes.
  3. [u] : Select on ts for commit.
  4. [C] : Commit files.
  5. [“pre” + 9<tab>] : Brings up altysnips selection for code of commit (in code comments). 9<tab> to exit once tag is selected.
  6. [./ci.sh] : Command that runs program in jenkins.
  7. [git push origin initial] to actually push the files up to github. I missed this one earlier.

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