[Tutorial][Trello][API] How to create a board for every list on a starting board.

First off, and this is important: don’t name your .py file the same name as the library you’re going to import.

The way I did it was set up a virtual environment, so in vim I selected a directory and entered commands:

mkvirtualenv trellostuff


pip install trello


workon trellostuff

Now that’s all set up, on to creating a board. My specific problem was how to take all of the lists from one board and use those to create a board for each list.

Import libraries:

import trello

Create a “Board” object. I also create a “list” object by getting all the lists from the Board object “a”.

a = trello.Boards("key","token")
ls = a.get_list("board_identifier")
current_boards = {}

For every list in ls (so all the lists on a specific board as denoted by “board_identifier”):

for list in ls:

Create a new board with the name of the list (and put those into a dictionary with the names of the list as keys):

    current_boards[list['name']] = a.new(list['name'])

This should go to one board, take all the lists, and create new boards with the same names as each list.

This dictionary is useful because I don’t have the ids of these boards I just created, but thanks to this dictionary of boards, I can get access to them.


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