Return of the King pt 2

I’m close to finishing Return of the King and I totally didn’t remember the funny bits that are in.

Following the Battle of Pelennor Fields, Faramir the Steward of Gondor, Eowyn the Shieldmaiden of Rohan, and Merry are all laid up due to assorted injuries. Faramir has likely been poisoned by some evil dark and Merry and Eowyn have contracted some kind of Nazghul related condition.

There’s this old lady healer who mentions to Mithrandir that the king has healing powers, so he gets Aragorn to enter the city (reluctantly).

Aragorn sets out using his magical powers to save everyones’ life. He requests some athelas or kingsfoil leaves but old healing lady is like, “That’s worthless.”

And he’s like, “Ok, that’s cool, now go get me some.”

So she goes and gets the herb loremaster who says, “It’s worthless and here’s a bunch of names for it in different languages.”

And Aragorn’s like, “Cool story, bro. Now go get me some damn leaves.”

They finally find some leaves of the kingsfoil and he saves everyone’s lives.

Later, when Aragorn visits Merry, Merry asks for some tobacco, and Aragorn stops to mock the herb loremaster. It’s kind of weirdly harsh for Aragorn given how mellow he generally is.

He’s like, “go ask that loremaster. He’ll tell you the different names for it and then tell you it’s worthless.”

Then Merry retracts his request, probably not expecting Aragorn to blow up about that guy.

Some other time in the book Aragorn is hanging out with my new favorite character,  Imrahil (I gotta go search some fanfics). Imrahil is a prince and cool dude. He knows Aragorn is the king. So when Merry is like, “Strider! What’s up, bro?!” Imrahil gets all confused and is like like, “Whaaaat the hell? This is how they address their kings in the North?”

Maybe not Ha Ha funny, but I enjoyed it. Later old lady healer (Ioreth I think) spends a lot of time chatting with her cousin while Faramir is trying to introduce the King to the city. And what’s weird is that she’s kind of not telling the truth, and we know that as the reader, but the book gives her a lot of screen time to tell basically lies to her cousin.

It’s kind of awesome.


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