#Skyrim: Walking Everywhere

I’ve been playing Skyrim pretty consistently last week. It’s cost me some sleep. I’ve reached level 19 and I’m still not where I want to be in design of my character, but that’s because leveling up Enchanting and Speech has been really slow.

I found a dog in the woods and recruited him to my team. Combined with Uthgerd the Unbroken, a lady I met in Whiterun, we form a pretty potent trio. I can run around the wilderness pretty unafraid of things because as soon as a Cave Bear attacks me, my dog rams them like a missile, then Uthgerd runs up, a magical staff in one hand and a sword in the other, and finishes them off. Uthgerd is awesome. I’ll be sorry to replace her with someone else, but I don’t want her to die, and some of our dungeon delving adventures will take us up against monsters like Falmer, who use poison a lot, and poison is the real killer of followers.

I learned to leave the dog outside of dungeons. He has a great habit of blocking off hallways. In the open country, he’s great, but confined spaces are just awful dealing with him. I had to restart pretty far back at one point when I noticed my dog was missing, and I had to run around Skyrim before I found his corpse. I just refuse to have him die, which might be bad for roleplaying but screw it. I’m a god.

I enchanted a few more swords, one for ice, fire, and lightning, and then gave my old fire sword to Uthgerd. Right now, by load out, we are an undead killing machine. Until my enchanting starts getting better that’s pretty much what we’re going to be optimized for, and I’ll probably hold off fighting Falmer until I can really make some awesome weapons and armor.

But the journey continues! I feel like I dropped some perks in some places that in retrospect that I shouldn’t, but I oddly feel good about the organic messy quality of the build so far.


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