Skyrim: Go outside and be killed by wild animals

It’s been a busy period for Sevan the (future) Guildmaster. I did cheat and fast traveled a few times but mostly I’ve stuck to just walking around everywhere or paying for a wagon ride. I think paying for a wagon ride should be ok since it can only take you to the major cities.

I helped Clan Gray-mane rescue their kidnapped son, Thorald, from a Thalmor keep with the help of Thorald’s brother, Avulstein, and a few of his friends. It was an intense fight through the halls of the keep. A guy named Geirlund died fighting some Altmer guards. It was pretty sad and, after checking the wiki that he wasn’t important, I decided to let him stay dead. Attacking a fort filled with wizards and guards with better gear than you probably should come at some cost. Still, it did kind of bother me, so in the future Sevan might go in alone more often.

I had a follower, my only follower so far, named Faendal. Faendal is kind of a strange guy. He lives in Riverwood and works at the sawmill, though he’s also a hunter on the side. He’s a Bosmer (Wood Elf) and is in love with this girl named Camilla. There’s a rivalry there because a local guy named Sven also is courting Camilla. I helped Faendal cheat and turned Camilla against Sven, which admittedly was kind of a dick move, but I figured I needed Faendal’s help.

We did adventure together for a while, though he died three times, forcing me to reload. Eventually I sent him back home with whatever loot I had crammed into his inventory and figured he was due a retirement. But then the radiant quest creator generated a job for me where I had to rescue Camilla from some bandits who had kidnapped her. So I called Faendal out of retirement and we fought through a pretty tough group of bandits and rescued Camilla. I let Faendal return to Riverwood then, figuring his story was pretty much done: he’d gone out into the world, got a sweet suit of armor, and saved the girl.

Mechanically speaking, I’ve got a better idea of where I’m taking the character having played him for 14 levels or so:

Major Skills

  • Destruction
  • Enchanting
  • Conjuration
  • Speech

These are the four skills, minimum, that I need to create a character that can simultaneously be a good fighter, wizard, and a thief. Speech is just so I don’t have to grind, I can simply buy my way to higher levels (in theory, so far I’m pretty poor).

I enchanted my first silver sword with a fire damage enchantment and enjoyed a noticeable boost in combat effectiveness.

Unfortunately, after I got eaten by a snowy sabre cat, I realized that the big weakness in my character is that I’m not durable enough to tank a lot of damage and I don’t yet have a good means of stunning or slowing down an enemy. As a result, tough creatures like a snowy sabre cat can walk up to me, eating my spells, and claw me to death.

I think a lot of that could be addressed by better tactics on my part, but I might also try hiring a bodyguard.


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