Skyrim Build: The Guildmaster

I’ve always played all the guild quests with a single character even though I knew that didn’t make sense. So this time around I tried to think of what kind of person would become the leader of all the guilds? The build I decided to go with is actually almost entirely a pure wizard, using magic to supplement and emulate the abilities of the other guilds.

These are just some early notes since I’m just starting out.

The Guildmaster

Race: Dunmer: Specifically Legate Sevan. I found his face slider settings here. I just wanted a cool looking character, but now there’s the element that there are two Sevans running around Skyrim.

Stone: Mage Stone

Major Skills: Destruction, Conjuration, Enchanting

Minor Skills: Heavy Armor, Restoration, Illusion

Weapons: Silver Sword

Armor: Wolf Guard Armor

Essential Quests: The Black Star, College of Winterhold, The Companions, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Dawn Guard, The Dark Brotherhood

The Build

My goal for this build was for mechanically:

  • Never spend a perk outside the listed skills.
  • Have the bulk of damage come from the enchantments on weapons.
  • Do not put points into Stamina.
  • Be capable of performing all the guild quests in the manner of that guild (stealth, combat, magic).
  • Solve as many problems as possible with magic.

For roleplaying purposes:

  • Hide my guild membership from the guilds.
  • When acting officially, go around in disguise.

For roleplaying purposes I’m assuming that the Guildmaster has a plan, and that plan is to build his own empire. All of the actions he’s undertaking support that end goal. As a result, he needs to build his power until he’s powerful enough to act.

Enchanting is simultaneously the most important part of this build and the most annoying thing to build up. You need to be able to enchant as hard as possible, which means also leveling up Destruction, which will be your bread and butter for the early levels.


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