I thought I’d try doing NaNoWriMo and I got a late start. I thought I’d try to write a fantasy novel and already it’s pretty rough, and I’m five days in and I’m under 1,000 words (I should be around 10 times that). So I might not make it. The worst part of it so far is not starting over because the thing I’ve just written is terrible. We’ll see how it goes, my plan is just to try and stick with it, but I’ve found that since I really don’t have much of a story to write.

I guess that shouldn’t let that stop me. Maybe I’ll review my novel when I finish it.

Realistically, my dream would be to write a story as convoluted and perhaps unintentional as Freudian as a Metal Gear Solid game. You know, where a guy is fighting his surrogate mom to save the USA, only to take her headband and realize that his surrogate mom was actually saving the USA by letting him beat her. That kind of weird stuff.


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