Let’s Start Over #Skyrim

So I restarted in Skyrim after pulling some mods to try and up my performance. My last character, Elros the High Elf blacksmith, was fine and all, but I found roleplaying to be harder than I thought it would be.

One of the things I love to do in Skyrim is just run around doing whatever I want. This includes, but is not limited to, kicking in doors and looting people’s houses in broad daylight. Elros, unfortunately, wasn’t interested in thievery which means that he would probably skip the Thieves Guild quests, though I suppose it could be an interesting exercise coming up with a reason why it happens.

Maybe it’s because the Thief franchise was on sale and a coworker is playing Dishonored that I really suddenly felt the urge to play a magical thief character. I was thinking about playing one in Morrowind as well, but I don’t know that game as well.

So I restarted. You might not know me, but this is something I do a million times for every game I play. So now I’m playing a Breton named Burton which, in retrospect, was probably a bad decision name-wise.

Bretons live in the province called High Rock. Bretons are apparently the result of the intermingling of Elves and Humans in that era, which seems like a D&D way of creating an entire nation of Half-Elves. Which I have to admit is a pretty brilliant way of handling Half-Elves.

So the Bretons are known for their magical affinity, so they start with bonuses to Conjuration and have an ability that boosts their magic resistance. It’s a good way to start down the path of magical thief.

Burton was a thief in High Rock where he crossed the wrong people and so decided the best option for him was to hop on a boat to Windhelm, and then caught a cart to Riften, the location of the Thieves Guild in Skyrim. Thanks to the Alternate Start mod, I just started the game already part of the Guild. That was kind of nice, except it skipped the first major quest of killing the horde of goons lurking in the sewers that you have to use to enter and exit the Guild headquarters. So I was a level 1 wimp having to try and desperately fight my way out of the sewers and to my actual first quest. It was rough, but I managed to use my starting spell, Familiar, to distract the sewer dwellers with a pink holographic wolf while I ran by.

I decided Breton is really in to stealing things (because he doesn’t want to get a real job) and he’s in to looking cool. Quite early on, I made the long and torturous journey to Fort Amol, and ran past numerous angry necromancers to get the Bound Bow spell.

I’m kind of addicted to efficiency sometime, so getting a spell that levels both Conjuration and Archery simultaneously was just too good to pass on. I also took a trip to Whiterun and bought a Muffle spell, and with that I had all the pieces I needed to be a successful magic thief: an Illusion spell to make me harder to detect, an infinite source of weight zero arrows, and a weapon that’s really quite strong.

Burton the Breton is probably going to get tangled up with the Dark Brotherhood (the Assassins), but I figure what propels him along that road is that the Assassins will try and kill him. Obviously, he wants them to stop, and while he takes a lot of pride in not killing people, he might be swayed by heaps and heaps of money.

And that’s where I’m at. Till I restart. Probably tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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