Let’s Play #Morrowind

A friend hooked me up with Morrowind today. A couple friends have been telling me that Morrowind is the best Elder Scrolls game (for context: Skyrim is Elder Scrolls V, whereas Morrowind is Elder Scrolls III). I loaded it up and downloaded the Morrowind Overhaul and holy crap did that ever make the game look incredible by comparison to Vanilla Morrowind.

Morrowind starts much like Skyrim only much less painfully long. Your character wakes up on a ship, which you are immediately kicked off of because you’ve reached your destination, then you’re sent through Customs, and kicked out the door immediately after checking in. It seems for reasons no one around the customs office knows, you were a prisoner and now you’re a free guy in a place called Morrowind.


So Morrowind is a region of the continent of Tamriel, and you’re dumped onto the island of Vvardenfell, in a place called Sayda Neen. It turns out that in Morrowind, NPCs have a lot to talk about. In Skyrim, people generally talk to you a little bit, but because Morrowind, I assume, has un-voiced characters, they can just talk to you for days. It’s a little disorienting because I’m not used to unimportant people having things to say.

Morrowind is the homeland of the Dark Elves. I haven’t seen a lot of it, but I’ve already seen giant bugs the size of elephants, and giant mushroom-like trees. So let me tell you, it’s a weird place.

I don’t really have a character in mind, especially since I don’t know much about this game. If you’re interested in playing Morrowind I’d highly recommend this mod guide.


I don’t really have as much intent to roleplay Morrowind as hardcore as I plan to in Skyrim. With Skyrim I’m returning to a game I’ve spent around 300 hours playing, so I feel like roleplaying really adds something new to the experience. With Morrowind I’m kind of like holy crap, what’s going on?

My character idea is to play the guy on the cover of the game box. His name is Naked Snake because I’m not terribly creative under pressure and I’ve been obsessed with Metal Gear Solid these last couple of days. I’d like a more appropriate name, but Scrolls Snake didn’t seem to work and neither did Elder Snake. Actually… Elder Snake sounds pretty rad.

For preparation I stumbled upon some really helpful tutorial videos. Morrowind is a much more complicated game than in Skyrim and it was really relieving to get some explanation of how things work.

To give you a comparison, in Skyrim, if you have a sword, you can hit a guy with your sword. If you hit him, then you succeed at hitting him. That’s it. You hit him. In Morrowind, if you swing a sword at someone, the game sits down and plots out a serious of complex equations to see if you actually hit him. Because we’re really not sure until the final numbers come in.

Leveling up is practically a mini-game itself. In Skyrim, you do a thing and get experience points, and then you level up and you can improve skills. In Morrowind, you do things to level up, but the things you choose affect your stats, which in turns affects how well you do things, so you want to do specific things so your character levels up in such a way that you get the best stats to do the things at the beginning of the sentence.

So … what’s happening?

Well, I’ve read a lot of wikis, so I’ve got some idea of what’s going on in the main plot, but honestly I know next to nothing about the world. There’s a bunch of factions that I know nothing about but I’m really eager to join. Joining factions might be the best thing in any RPG.

I’ll probably restart once or twice, but I’m pretty eager about playing this. I’ll try and get some work done on Skyrim as well, just so I won’t be too consumed by Morrowind.


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