What I’m watching now: Erinyes Arcana

So it turns out that my new favorite tv show is watching a guy play Skyrim. It sounds pretty silly when you think about it, but I find it fascinating. The guy, Couch Warrior, roleplays so hard and so sincerely it almost won me over instantly. Like he has his character wear sub-optimal armor because he feels like it fits the character better, or spends hours of time traveling by foot instead of quick traveling via the world map, or leaving food behind for a kid he finds in a house.

He’s also actually quite good at being a bow based assassin. He uses the environment of the game in ways I never considered (like leading a pack of trolls into a bandit camp for example). His character, Fleet, is an assassin who eventually converts to Sithisism and becomes a fanatic devoted to death, all the while being out on a revenge quest to kill the man who betrayed him, a thief named Linwe.


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