Temporary Break: The Warded Man (Demon Cycle #1)

I’m taking a temporary detour into some high fantasy a coworker recommended. He tried to sell me on the book but I told him that there’s a hooded man on the cover, it’s part of the DEMON CYCLE, and it’s obvious there’s magic in it, so I’m sold.

I’m still early into the book and it’s alright so far. The first character introduced is Arlen, who is probably Harry Potter, and the next character introduced is Leesha, who is either Hermione Granger or just the White Mage. She has a lot of heal-bot potential.

Every night the world is invaded with demons and the only way humans can protect themselves is through magical ward symbols. The demons cannot penetrate a line of properly written wards, you see.

It’s pretty good though it has gotten a little preachy. I guess it’s inevitable to see people’s biases come through, and the author’s stances on things (regarding women’s rights for example) is a good one, he’s just a bit heavy handed about it.


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