What sequels you shall find (on Netflix)

It’s tough making a sequel. Out of curiosity, I tried to do a search for sequels by searching for the number “2” on Netflix to see what I could find.

Movies I have seen that I discovered had sequels:

#1. Mulan II

The touching tale of a transvestite killing Disney’s greatest villain and falling love with her sexually confused commanding officer CONTINUES?

#2. Mean Girls 2

I think this could theoretically work. The world’s not going to run out of mean girls, but judging from the ratings it did not work.

#3. The Sandlot 2

I don’t really know. I guess kids will still be playing baseball? And still have adventures… Yeah, I bet they grew up and that this is THEIR kids not playing video games.

#4. Pocahontas II

I … she goes to England or something right? How could this possibly end well? I suppose that’s a clever twist, suddenly seeing England through Pocahontas’s eyes. Also, isn’t every Disney movie about native americans really sad because we all know the ending of that story? Like, guys, it doesn’t end well.

Movies on Netflix that are sequels that I have seen and liked:

#1. Beverly Hills Cop II

Axel Foley is back, only fighting more drug dealers. I saw this as a kid and remember it being way dark and gritty. I doubt it actually is because as it turns out, I was pretty dumb as a kid.

#2. Crocodile Dundee II

Crocodile Dundee is back, only fighting more drug dealers. This movie is from that era where the hero has to set a bunch of traps and be really clever to take out an army of bad guys. Only, it’s Crocodile Dundee, so he uses his magic Australian powers to kill drug dealers. I remember this being awesome as a kid, so who knows how good it actually is?

#3. Bad Boys II

My old roommate’s favorite Michael Bay movie. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return and this blow up because Michael Bay. Now that someone pointed out Michael Bay’s weird father-daughter issues, I’m not sure I can ever go back and revisit his movies without feeling really uncomfortable. Like, it’s in EVERY movie.

#4. Men in Black II

I remember liking this more than Men in Black. Men in Black III, the time-travel one, is probably my favorite though. Anyway this one wasn’t bad, I think at least as good as Men in Black I or better, which, for a sequel, is pretty good. I remember there were a lot of aliens and they were really small. That’s about it.

#5. How to Train your Dragon 2

This movie is awesome. Seriously, awesome. How to Train your Dragon 1 was great and this one was easily better. Go watch it. I’m not even going to spoil anything.


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