Chroma Squad: A review

Chroma Squad is like the perfect game for me. Technically the game is a turn-based tactical game where you play on a grid as a squad of people fighting against monsters. The premise of the game is that you’re a group of stuntmen working on a Power Rangers Sentai-like show and you and your friends decide to quit to form your own studio and make your own tv show.

After the tutorial you select the name of your studio and then select 5 actors to play your 5 roles (Assist, Lead, Assault, Techie, and Scout). Each role has different bonuses and can use role specific weapons. There are some weird actor choices, like a beaver, a robot, and an alien. The beaver, by the way, is pretty good.

Then you go to your main studio screen where you can access the store (where you can buy items), the crafting screen (where you can use components you collect after battles to craft items), the Studio (where you can upgrade your studio to give you bonuses), Marketing (another series of bonuses you can purchase), and the Actor screen (where you can select skills and equip actors). You can also access the Mecha screen which allows you to build components for your Mecha.

When you’ve spent all your resources you can hit the REC button and select an episode to make.

The episodes consist of turn based tactical combat challenges. The Director will give you directions about what your goals are, you don’t need to complete all the goals, but doing so gives you better audience score. Maximizing audience score is the general goal in every episode. You can perform team attacks, in fact coordinating team attacks are vital to success.

This game is packed with upgrading things and using this to augment the performance of your characters on a tactical level, combined with a genuinely bizarre story that becomes increasingly bizarre as the story progresses. The fact that the game is divided into discrete episodes makes it easier to pick up and put down at times.

Basically, it has all the advantages of XCOM but with a Power Rangers style story and world. Which means, as I said, it’s like the perfect game.


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