Big Hero 6 is a Movie and I watched it

Big Hero 6 is about a boy genius named Hiro who has an older boy genius brother named Tadashi. Both are geniuses in the field of fantasy robotics. Tadashi’s big project is Baymax, a robot caregiver. Hiro’s big project is a horde of tiny robots that can be controlled telepathically via a headband.

It was an alright movie, I didn’t hate it. I just don’t really care to watch it again after seeing it. I think Steven Universe has pretty much ruined superhero stuff for me.

Just some random thoughts:

1. Hatred corrupts 

The movie goes into how good things can be corrupted by revenge. Hiro turns Baymax, his brother’s robot designed to preserve life, into a killing machine. Professor Callaghan causes the death of Tadashi, then turns Hiro’s horde of tiny robots into a weapon.

Both Hiro and Callaghan take tools meant to better the world and turn them into weapons.

One confusing thing for me is Hiro’s insistence on using Baymax as a weapon. It almost seems like it would be better to either (a) build your own robot which Hiro can do or (b) strip out some of the extraneous elements of Baymax’s design (specifically his inflatable body).

All of it is obvious, I suppose, and a little contrived, but it was a big thematic part of the movie and I enjoy that they did it well at times. Turning Baymax into a murder machine was kind of a surprisingly dark moment for the movie, though it allowed the bad guy to escape when they really shouldn’t have let him go.

2. 3-D Printers

Hiro has access to quite a bit of a production base in his garage. He was able to, within a pretty small time frame, able to build thousands of micro-robots as well as design and construct a suit of armor for Baymax.

Seriously, the resources of a kid who is supported by a woman who runs a cafe is amazing.

3. San Fransokyo?

The setting of the movie, judging from the name alone, appears to be some kind of fusion of Tokyo and San Francisco? That seems kind of confusing because there doesn’t actually seem to be that many Japanese people around. Hiro and Tadashi have Japanese names but it seems pretty clear that they’re possibly half-Japanese (See: their aunt) and that they’re culturally entirely USAmerican. It just seems like a random choice for almost no reason.


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