Knights of Sidonia Season 2 Episode 1: Conflict

The season starts with Norio Kunata (scion of the Kunata company) accessing a forbidden laboratory. There he is basically possessed by Ochiai, the Evil Scientist.

Wait, since I’m starting in season 2 I suppose I need to provide some backstory.

Several hundred years prior to the current storyline there was a massive disaster on the spacehship Sidonia that killed all but 300 of the spaceship’s inhabitants. This disaster was created by the Evil Scientist Ochiai, who was stopped by the greatest ancient robot-pilot Hiroki. Ochiai also deleted all their archives of knowledge and the only remaining archive was accessible only through his brain. So the captain, Kobayashi, had Ochiai killed and cloned, and Ochiai Clone was then used periodically to access the remaining database.

Skip to the present, Norio Kunata accesses a hidden laboratory and Ochiai had some kind of mechanism to take over his body. Once in control of Norio, Ochiai constructs a guana-human hybrid, which is basically a giant robot with the soul of a girl.

Nagate, the greatest current robot-pilot, is taking part on an assault on a new guana that is proving particularly resistant to their attacks, when Tsumugi Shuraui, the guana-hybrid, attacks and destroys the guana.

That’s pretty much the entire episode.

Season 1 of Knights of Sidonia was pretty good. Things I appreciated about the show: the designs, the production quality, and their consistent way of introducing high concept material steadily as the show progresses. Like, for example, how all Sidonia humans are actually sort of plant-human hybrids, extensive cloning, and how they have a secret council of immortals running things, and how there’s a talking bear that no one seems to acknowledge is a bear.

The show also has an interesting thing where it will use hard science concepts as long as they’re fun (like the difficulties of turning a ship the size of Sidonia), but will ditch them when needed.

Season 2 starts off strong picking up immediately where Season 1 ended and the introduction of guana-based giant robots is a really natural evolution of the show.


  • Tsumugi Shiraui clearly has the soul of Hoshijiro, Nagate’s old love interest.
  • Nagate’s Tsugumori (his giant robot) has clearly been upgraded. People comment that his single Tsugumori, which is one generation behind the current giant robot line, is actually as fast a cluster of gardes operating in unison.
  • Tsumugi Shiraui also seems to look like a girl in a dress, which is kind of a strange design choice on Ochiai-Norio’s part.

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