3 Surprising shows my friends recommended

#1. M*A*S*H

Documenting the eleven years of the Korean War (1950-1953), it’s a series about doctors in a military hospital. My coworkers insist that this show is awesome and I’ve never seen a single episode. All I know about this show is that Alan Alda is in it, Community has an M*A*S*H episode, and the end theme of the show is a song called “Suicide is Painless”. I am kind of curious about a tv show set in Korea, simply because Korean is kind of an interesting place to me.

#2. Fraiser

This is a show that I watched big chunks of but I don’t remember a lot of it. It’s set in Seattle, which is always a place that I like to see stories set in. The geography of Seattle is just so unhelpful for movies and tv shows. Like, Seattle is NOT New York and everyone just tends to ignore that.

Fraiser is a spin-off of Cheers and follows Fraiser Crane as he hangs out with his brother and his blue collar dad. I remember enjoying this show as a kid but I assumed it wasn’t good, but a friend has gone back and watched all ten or so seasons and really seemed to enjoy it. So… maybe I’ll go check it out.

#3. 3rd Rock From the Sun

Another show I watched a few episodes of, but I don’t remember liking it. The show was famous at the time for the actress’s appearance though I’m not sure why in retrospect. I wonder what happened to her. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the only guy I know who made it out of this movie. John Lithgow did appear on Dexter, I guess.

The show is about a family but that family is made up of alien infiltrators disguised as humans. I guess that’s a real Cold War era style plot, just swapping in aliens for Russians. My coworkers insist that this show is a precursor to a lot modern comedies which is intriguing.


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