3 Comics I picked up from the Library

1. Hellboy in Hell

I’m behind on Hellboy comics, so I didn’t know that Hellboy lost an eye and that Hellboy had died. The story starts with his death and his descent into Hell where he meats Edward Grey, another Mike Mignola character from Witchfinder. Edward Grey saves Hellboy from some random monsters. Then Hellboy is sucked off into a journey to travel to Pandemonium, and to the place where he was born, and there’s something about the murder of Satan.

The story is really strange. The main areas of Hell have been abandoned, Hellboy is accused of murdering Satan (and he can’t remember anything about it), and Edward Grey has made some comments outside of Hellboy’s hearing that something shady is afoot.

The book is illustrated by Mike Mignola, which is the reason I came back. If you like Hellboy I assume you’ll enjoy this since it’s what I was looking for in a Hellboy comic. You meet two of Hellboy’s brothers, who are pretty lame, and an uncle. What’s kind of an interesting twist is that in Hell people are less interested in Hellboy’s Right Hand of Doom than his Left Hand that held the knife that murdered Satan.

2. Witcher: House of Glass

This is based on the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski, a Polish fantasy author. The main character, the titular Witcher, Geralt ends up meeting up with a hunter named Jakob and together they travel into a haunted forest and get entangled with a cursed house, where Geralt meets a succubus and has to unravel the mysteries of the house and Jakob’s past.

It’s not a bad series, though very little happens. The cover was illustrated by Mike Mignola which is why it caught my eye. The story seemed to capture the core Witcher elements, that of the monstrousness of humanity and betrayal. Geralt is a man who hunts monsters but it seems like time and again he has more in common with monsters than with humans. And Geralt has sex with the succubus because that’s also a thing that happens in the Witcher a lot. He’s kind of a fantasy James Bond in that way.

Oddly enough Geralt and Hellboy have a lot in common, partly in their natures isolating them from humanity, and the kind of flippant way they deal with it. I’d love for there to be a crossover.

3. Invincible: Ultimate Collection Volume 9

I picked this one up just kind of at random. I’ve been an Invincible fan for a while but stopped reading a long time ago so it was satisfying to have six or more issues to catch up on. Things have happened, though I find myself kind of glazing over at the huge blocks of text that show up from time to time, which is unfair perhaps to the comic, but I don’t really show up to Invincible for things that are not fighting.

Mark ends up clashing with Dinosaurus, a blatantly evil mad scientist that he teams up with for pretty dumb reasons, and in the end Dinosaurus insists that Mark kills him. Which he does. This is following a global cataclysm initiated by Dinosaurus, which was stopped barely in time by the efforts of the world’s superheroes.

Then it turns out that Nolan is the true heir to the throne of the Viltrumites, and after Thragg, the Viltrumite regent (think Denethor from Lord of the Rings), tries to assassinate him, the Viltrumites band together and declare Nolan their ruler.

Other stuff happens. The violence is pretty graphic and the gore is all over the place. Some of the designs are ludicrous. Battle Beast, my favorite, has an appearance, which I always enjoy.

Invincible is pretty much as good as it has been, and the flaws that are there are still there (like women in the series). It’s kind of like watching a soap opera with Dragon Ball Z elements looped in, so while I enjoy it, it’s not something I can really recommend to all of my friends.


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