3 Netflix Original Series I totally enjoyed

1. Knights of Sidonia

The weirdest Netflix original for me is the Netflix original anime. Knights of Sidonia is the story about a kid named Nagata, who grew up in the tunnels deep within a massive space ship playing a giant robot simulator under the tutelage of his grandfather. Once his grandfather dies he is forced to go to the upper areas where he is recruited, almost instantly, to pilot giant robots.

Nagata is given their revered hero’s giant robot and is sent out to fight giant space monsters, which he of course excels at.

It’s not Gurren Lagann, but the show is well produced, and there’s a lot of sci-fi concepts crammed into the one space ship. Story wise, it’s very Battlestar: Galactica, humanity on the run from aliens. As the show progresses the situation is gradually revealed to be weirder and weirder, but I really enjoyed it.

There are some neat details too, like how Nagata has to eat food far more regularly than the other “humans” because those humans have been genetically modified to be powered by photosynthesis. Most of the ladies on the show do seem to be in love with Nagata, but that kind of makes sense a little to me once you learn more about Nagata’s origins.

2. Daredevil

The last show I expected to be into was Daredevil. The movie is obviously pretty bad. This series is very heavily influenced by Brian Michael Bendis’s run, with some Kevin Smith thrown in there (I believe). The story is about a blind lawyer named Matt who actually has super powers, and ninja training from a mysterious guy named Stick. As a result he goes out at night, in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen in New York, and fights basically mobsters.

Matt’s an interesting if self-destructive character. The primary romance seems to be between him and his partner, another lawyer named Foggy.

The fighting is surprisingly good. I was sucked into the show and really enjoyed it. The show spends a lot of time exploring the character of the Kingpin, played by Vincent D’onofrio. If I had any complaints about the show it would be that Kingpin’s character seems a bit too socially awkward to be a true kingpin and I don’t care about the secretary character and her many pluck powered adventures.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

A friend described this as 30 Rock, and it’s very apt. I wasn’t in to the first episode but once I was past that I really enjoyed it. The show is about Kimmy who was kept trapped underground in a bunker by a mad pastor for like a decade. Once she emerged she moves to New York, intent on putting her past behind her. There’s a great cast of characters (many 30 Rock alumni) and the show is really funny.

The show ends with a trial of the mad pastor, with a lot of OJ Simpson trial references (which seems like it might be pretty dated), but what I found was interesting was sort of an exploration of the power of the patriarchy versus Kimmy Schmidt, and how help comes to Kimmy from an unexpected source.

Anyway, another unexpectedly great show. I might have to try Marco Polo and Orange is the New Black.


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