Jack Ryan: Clear Hunt for Patriot Fears

Tom Clancy kind of fascinates me. He’s sort of like a pulp adventure novelist combined with military fanboyism. I once described him as Grandpa Fanfiction. Anyway, he’s been such a fixture in my life in one way or the other (my family read a lot of his books) that I can’t help but regard him with some fondness. It turns out you can’t search for “Tom Clancy” on Netflix. So I went searching around and these are the Tom Clancy movies I’ve seen that are on Netflix.

The interesting thing about Tom Clancy novels, to me, is that they really aren’t action stories exactly. The one I’ve seen are always about Jack Ryan who is seriously good at stocks. Seriously, guys, this guy is really good at buying stocks. I don’t know why but it’s a big deal in one book. He’s a bit of a magical character, in a way kind of a proto-Jack Reacher.

#1. Hunt for Red October

Alec Baldwin plays Jack Ryan who goes on a mission to help out Sean Connery, who plays a Russian submarine commander, who has gone rogue with a Russian experimental submarine. For some reason Jack Ryan ends up on the Red October and helps Russian Captain kill the cook, who is actually a secret agent.

#2. Patriot Games

Harrison Ford plays Jack Ryan who saves the Prince of England from Irish assassins, and then fights the assassins again at his house. I read the book and watched the movie but this was all a long time ago. In the book they made a real big deal about Jack Ryan shooting a bad guy in the buttocks.

#3. Clear and Present Danger

My old roommate’s favorite movie. I think I read the book and saw the movie for this as well. This is about the War on Drugs and a team of USAmerican soldiers get killed fighting drug lords and Jack Ryan goes to South America to help rescue the survivors. Noteworthy because it has Willem Dafoe playing other Tom Clancy character John Clark and introduces a guy who shows up in Rainbow Six later on.

So there are two Tom Clancy movies I haven’t seen. To be honest, I’m not sure I’m all interested in watching them.

#1. Sum of All Fears

Ben Affleck is Jack Ryan and he’s trying to stop a nuclear attack on the USA? It sounds like a proto-24.

#2. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Christopher Pine plays Jack Ryan as a guy who just wants to be a desk jockey but has to be a secret agent instead. I’m skeptical about this movie in particular because I suspect the movie makers wanted a Bourne Identity, but Tom Clancy novels don’t really work that way.


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