‘Jurassic Park’ is 100 times more feminist than ‘Jurassic World’


There’s a short, great movie about dinosaurs somewhere inside Jurassic World, a long, mediocre movie about people. This box office record-shattering blockbuster may be the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise, but its gender politics fall shockingly short of the 1993 original.

The film’s female protagonist is Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), a high-powered executive who works at the massive Jurassic World theme park. She’s a cold, driven career woman who must learn (or, more accurately, who must be taught) the importance of motherhood.

This character is exactly as refreshing as she sounds, possibly less so.

[img attachment=”151114″ caption=”Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Owen (Chris Pratt).” credit=”Universal Pictures” size=”large” align=”aligncenter” linkto=”none” alt=”jurassic-park-4-photos-2-bryce-dallas-howard”]

On the phone with her sister, Claire uses the phrase “if I have kids,” prompting Karen (Judy Greer) to disapprovingly correct her to “when,” before tearfully expounding on the importance of family values. Meanwhile, Karen’s imminent divorce is treated with melodrama…

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