Instances in 2 Movies where Blood is a Big Deal


#1. Star Trek Into Darkness

Upon searching through scenes from Star Trek Into Darkness I am amazed at how much I dislike this movie on second viewing. I can’t quite pin down what it is exactly, things like set and costume design bother me, all the way up to dialogue from the characters. I suspect that it’s just bad.

Blood plays a prominent part of STiD. The magical restorative powers of blood center around a famous recurring Star Trek villain. Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek was a genetically altered Asian superman, I think it’s either explicitly or implicitly stated that he’s Indian, who appeared in one episode of the show and then appeared later in two different Star Trek movies. One of those movies is considered one of the best Star Trek movies and the other I consider the worst.

Khanberbatch, as I like to distinguish Bennedict Cumberbatch’s Khan from OG Khan, is actually a lot like Captain America in origin. He’s a genetically engineered super white guy who wakes up in the future and is forced to work for these strange future people. As far as I can actually tell, Khanberbatch actually isn’t Khan Noonien Singh, and Spock can’t confirm that because they never show him a picture of Khanberbatch. Khanberbatch’s blood, as we see throughout STiD, can actually resurrect dead things. Because his blood is so super.

Kirk dies in the course of STiD and they use Khanberbatch’s blood to cast resurrection on him, thankfully saving the audience from a remotely interesting ending to the movie. What’s noteworthy is that in this case Khan’s blood is shown on numerous occasions to be magical. I don’t have a problem with foreshadowing but the problem is that Khan’s magic blood is obviously going to be the McGuffin that will make sure everything will be ok. As one person wrote, after STiD no one need ever fear death.

#2. Mad Max: Fury Road

What struck me is that blood is a prominent part of Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s established early on in the movie that Max is a type-O blood type, the universal donor, which makes him valuable to the War Boys as a “blood bag”. The War Boys drain him for blood to treat War Boys that have gotten sick, and it seems like blood transfusions are the treatment necessary to keep them alive.

It’s a surprising parallel to STiD, in the beginning of the movie we also see that Khanberbatch’s blood can heal. Only, Max’s blood is way more grounded in reality. He’s type-O, which is a real thing, and among people who need blood transfusions that would give him special value, which is the logical thing.

Khanberbatch’s blood is just magical. That’s it.

Later on in Mad Max: Fury Road, Max uses his blood to save Furiosa. Well, he uses that and, you know, medically treats her for a collapsed lung. And his blood doesn’t save her from radiation sickness, his blood saves her from blood loss. Max appears to have some medical training, and it seems pretty plausible to me that between Furiosa’s natural hardiness (she’s a Road Warrior after all and, like Max, I assume that means she’s incredibly tough) and Max’s medical knowhow, that Furiosa would recover enough to limp to the finish line.

Contrast this with Kirk who dies. Kirk is dead. He is irradiated and dead. Then Bones uses Khanberbatch’s blood to bring him back to life. Furiosa was wounded and was dying of exsanguination so blood transfusion was actually a logical treatment. I guess Magic Blood is the obvious treatment for death in retrospect.

I think a lot of the difference in satisfaction that I get can stem from the fact that George Miller was actually a medical doctor. Despite Fury Road being way sillier than STiD at times, the part around the blood seems way more realistic than STiD. There are apparently conditions that actually exist that require blood transfusions to treat (and it’s possible the War Boys suffer from those) and… well Max treats a lady suffering from blood loss by using his “magic” blood, which is actually magical in that it’s established early on that he’s a universal donor.

Basically, blood is way better in Fury Road, guys.


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