3 TV shows I should probably watch

#1. Fringe

It sounds like XFiles again only with less Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. It’s a J.J. Abram production and since he and I fundamentally disagree on what makes a good Star Trek movie, I’m already disinclined to check out one of his older shows. It has the guy from Dawson’s Creek. Not James Van Der Beek, the other guy. Pacey or something like that.

I don’t know, it doesn’t sound appealing. It sounds like as How I Met Your Mother is to Friends so is Fringe to XFiles. But still, I should check it out if only to hopefully see something of Twin Peaks in there.

#2. Continuum

Time traveling cop from Future Vancouver, comes to the past to fight crime. I think it’s Vancouver. It’s sort of like Time Trax. Do you remember Time Trax? It was pretty bad. Time Trax was all about this fear of Mexican immigrants taking over the USA. Continuum is all about this fear of corporations taking over the USA. I wonder if this is like the 80s and the whole zaibatsu thing all over again. My friend says this is pretty good and I watched part of the first season and yeah it was alright. I just never went back to finish it, which I probably should.

#3. Agents of SHIELD

I legitimately tried to watch this show and got like three episodes in and gave up. But two of my friends are really into this show so I might go back and try a full season or two. I feel like I’m borderline Marvel universe burnt out though. I also don’t care about SHIELD. But who am I to turn down more tv?


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