6 titles Netflix claims are related to Mad Max graded with Youtube videos

Netflix doesn’t have Mad Max but will recommend some crazy stuff in its place…

#1. Marvel’s Daredevil

A Netflix tv show about a blind lawyer named Matt Murdoch who is technically blind but can actually see thanks to a combination of super powers granted by toxic waste and training from a guy who is probably based on Rutger Hauer’s character from Blind Fury.

Connection to Mad Max:

#2. Danger 5

A tv show set during World War 2, a group of super spies battle the super villain Hitler. Sort of a parody of old tv shows and movies. There are some great gifs from this show, like this. Or this.

Connection to Mad Max:

#3. Running Man

Post-apocalyptic world where Arnold Schwarzenegger must battle for survival in a reality tv show. It’s sort of a cross between Survivor and American Gladiator only where the Gladiators have to kill each other. I don’t deny, it’d probably make for great television.

Connection to Mad Max:

#4. Louie

A comedian has darkly comic adventures just living in New York. It’s kind of max cringe humor. I had to quit after an episode where he goes on a date and then gets bullied by high school students.

Connection to Mad Max:

#5. The Big Lebowski

The guy from TRON plays a guy who bowls and gets high. He hangs out with John Goodman and Steve Buscemi. It’s basically like a Philip Marlowe novel if Philip Marlowe was a super laid back hippy who loves bowling. Seriously, it’s like neo-noir. Anyway, the connection to Mad Max should be obvious.

Connection to Mad Max:

#6. The Stand

Post-apocalyptic world where the bad guys work for a guy named Randall Flagg and the good guys hang out with an old woman with magic powers. There might be a dog. Then everyone blows up because of a nuclear weapon? It’s unclear to me. I didn’t see the movie, I think, I just read the book. Which was long. Guys. It was so long.

Connection to Mad Max:

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