Top 3 Luc Besson movies of the like 10 Luc Besson movies I’ve seen

#3. Transporter 2

In my opinion the best entry in the original Transporter trilogy. Frank Martin travels to Florida to act as a driver/body guard for the son of an old flame, but when bad guys steal the boy, Frank Martin (or Transporter as I like to call him) proceeds to go all Man on Fire on the bad guys. I feel like the real strength of this movie is that it’s light on the romance plot, which has never really worked for me in this series.

#2. Le Dernier Combat (The Last Battle)

I watched this last night. It’s a post-apocalyptic movie where you follow some Guy as he has adventures in a post-apocalyptic world. I read the wikipedia and it turns out that everyone in the world was mute. I thought it was just some kind of stylized thing, but no, no one can talk. The Guy ends up in conflict with a group of guys in business suits, then flies away on a makeshift airplane, to land in the middle of a conflict between Evil Jean Reno and an old man.

It’s a good movie, probably better than most of Besson’s later movies. Unlike Mad Max: Fury Road, women are pretty much don’t exist in this world.

#1. The Fifth Element

The obvious Luc Besson masterpiece of science fiction and Bruce Willis fiction. Bruce Willis plays an ex-soldier turned taxi cab driver who gets tied up in a plot to save the world from an evil asteroid in space. Along the way he has to fight Evil Gary Oldman and his horde of space idiots. It’s probably the only actual Luc Besson movie I’d recommend to people. Le Dernier Combat (The Last Battle) is probably only reserved for people really wanting grim post-apocalyptic movies.

Honorable mentions:

  • Lockout – Escape from Space New York.

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