A Quick Break for a New Point

Point Break (2015) is a thing that’s happening, y’all.

I recognize that I’m probably biased, so there’s that.

It looks like the story has been updated in numerous ways: the thief gang are now extreme sports guys performing crazy stunts to steal money, Johnny Utah is also an extreme sports guy, and I think they may have dropped Gary Busey.

It’s not actually that big of a stretch, I guess, considering the original crew of thieves were extreme athletes for their time. I just don’t know, though, I mean Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze are a hard act to follow.

At the same time, this weird resurrected franchises thing did bring us more Mad Max, so it might be worth it. I’m skeptical. The director hasn’t directed much. I’m going to do what I was going to be forced to do anyway: wait and see.


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