9 Dota 2 Characters I was thinking of playing in Pillars of Eternity

Characters from Dota 2 that are viable for Pillars of Eternity.

Dota 2 and Pillars of Eternity are both video games, but of different genres. Dota 2 is a team based game with role playing game elements (a fantastical setting, leveling of characters, collection of items), whereas Pillars of Eternity is a single-player role playing game with all the role playing game elements of Dota 2 and more. I struggle with creating characters for Pillars of Eternity so I look to other games for inspiration.

Pillars of Eternity also has part of the game called Disposition: Aggressive, Benevolent, Clever, Cruel, Deceptive, Diplomatic, Honest, Passionate, Rational, and Stoic. These are determined by your actions in the game.

You could probably build almost all the characters with varying amount of fidelity, but this was just the batch I was thinking of this morning.

#1. Sniper

Mountain Dwarf Rogue Hunter. Equipment: rifle. That seems like the easiest one actually. I don’t know what personality traits to pick, he seems like a whimsical character, so I was going to go with Passionate and Honest.

#2. Drow Ranger

Pale Elf Rogue Hunter. Equipment: hunting bow. Another of the “easy” conversions, she might be a little too like Sniper though. As for her disposition, I was thinking Rational and Stoic.

#3. Meepo

Orlan Druid Explorer. Equipment: hood and staff. He’s called a geomancer at one point, so I was going with the closest analog available. Disposition: Passionate and Clever. An alternative would be a wizard to get something closer to the duplication ability.

#4. Vengeful Spirit

Pale Elf Wizard Aristocrat. Equipment: nothing specific. The magic missile spell is what really locked in the wizard class. Disposition: Passionate, Cruel.

#5. Omniknight

Human Paladin Clergyman. Equipment: morning star. Another straight forward one. Paladins are pretty easy to build in Pillars. Disposition: Benevolent, Passionate.

#6. Silencer

Human Chanter Scholar. Equipment: robe, shield, sword, helmet. This one is one of the stretches. I was leaning towards Wizard initially but his bio says specifically that he’s not a mage, so the alternative seemed to be this. Chanter seemed like a better fit, since I see it as a play on the whole “silence” theme. Disposition: Stoic, Rational.

#7. Nature’s Prophet

Nature Godlike (Elf) Druid Mystic. Equipment: staff. I’m going more off of the Warcraft 3 analog but still, an easy conversion, so he’s got a little of Malfurion Stormrage in my mind. Disposition: Benevolent, Honest.

#8. Invoker

Wood Elf Wizard Aristocrat. Equipment: robes. Another obvious alumni from Warcraft 3, he’s one of the repetitive characters that Blizzard likes to create: embittered nobleman turning evil. While he’s an easy conversion I’m not super into the idea of playing him. I’m not sold on Wizards really. There’s the other problem in that he kind of overlaps with Vengeful Spirit. Disposition: Rational, Cruel.

#9. Lycan

Human Ranger Aristocrat. Equipment: melee gear. I figured I needed at least one Ranger. I like the idea of running a melee Ranger. Disposition: Cruel, Passionate.


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