A Millennial War of Millennial Encyclopaedists about Millennials. Millennials.

(I’m back, I was out sick for a while but now I’m blog strong.)

I went to the War of the Encyclopaedists book reading last night.

Here’s a trailer:

As far as I can tell that trailer has nothing to do with the book, but I admire a good 80s action movie reference.

The two authors read from two different sections of the book and both of the sections were really compelling and informative. For example, I didn’t know that Sexy bin Laden was a thing. It’s a thing. I didn’t know that Washington state doesn’t have Breaking and Entering, it has Burglary. The book sounds like it’s packed full of interesting things.

After the readings, which were about as entertaining as things as they could be given how conscientious the two authors were regarding book readings and boredom, then came the Q and A. And an amazing thing happened.

I tried to tell people about this article: Every Question In Every Q&A Session Ever. Naturally, I couldn’t convey the brilliance of this in mere words.

I swear to you I was sitting right behind the guy who pulled a #1:

1. “I’d like you to know that I’m particularly smart. Here are some subjects I consider myself to be very smart about. There is no question.”

That’s some awesome stuff to behold in the wild. Anyway, the book looks good, I’d say check it out. I’m having trouble reading books I haven’t read right now, but it’s definitely on the list of books I’ll read once I’m through this weird snake-eating-its-tail-phase.


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