Top 5 Most Powerful Tom Cruises

Naturally, one wonders who is the most powerful Tom Cruise? It’s a good question because unlike someone like Ryan Gosling, Tom Cruise has been in many excellent action movies. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the top five most powerful Cruises.

#5. Interview with a Vampire

Lestat is a Europrean nobleman who gets turned into an Anne Rice Vampire. An AR Vampire is, at a very basic level, a superhero with the power of superspeed, limited flight, and super strength. Now, Lestat doesn’t seem to be actually that proficient at fighting, from what we see (Louie the Eternally Angsty Vampire has more on screen kills) but he is still an immortal vampire who is extremely hard to kill.

This is a tough call because unlike Nathan Algren or Ethan Hunt, Lestat is not really a fighter. He’s more of a hedonistic fop, and as such is at a disadvantage. I bet given the correct circumstances he would probably lose to either of them, despite his incredible powers.

Here is Louie fighting an evil Clown Vampire. Not exactly showcasing Lestat, but Lestat is stated explicitly to be more powerful than Louie.

#4. Mission: Impossible

Ethan Hunt has the advantage of having five movies of his own. Following the law of increasing peril, it’s obvious that Ethan would increase in power proportionally as the series progressed. Hunt is a super spy who (despite the first movie) turns out to be unbeatable in hand to hand combat (he’s kind of a Bourne Identity kind of guy) on top of being a kind of acrobat and Face Dancer (that’s a Dune reference) or rather a T-1000 (Terminator 2).

Though, even with all of that, he still only comes in at the #4 on the list. It’s kind of a statement of how powerful some Tom Cruises are that a five movie franchise super spy still only comes in at near the bottom of the list.

#3. The Last Samurai

Nathan Algren is basically Kevin Costner from Dances with Wolves if Dances with Wolves (the person not the movie) was haunted by killing indigenous Americans and so went to Japan to fight rebel samurai. Also if Dances with Wolves was an unstoppable killing machine.

Seriously, Nathan Algren has only one movie and it becomes immediately clear that this fool can slaughter hundreds of people without breaking a sweat. He spends four months in Japan and becomes a more proficient swordsman than the people who have been doing it all their lives.

#2. Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is a cross between a Libertarian Terminator and a Libertarian Batman. He cannot be stopped. He cannot ever not be the coolest guy in every conversation. You might be able to slow Jack Reacher, but that means he’ll only kill you later in the movie.

Seriously, the guy lives in a universe that bends to his will. He’d be number 1, but I think time travel just barely edges him out.

Jack Reacher is as powerful as a character can get when a writer falls in love with a character. The powerful love between Lee Childs and Jack Reacher is pretty impressive to watch and, perhaps one of history’s greatest romances?

#1. Edge of Tomorrow

William Cage is Bill Murray from Groundhog’s Day with power armor. That’s it. That’s all he needs. He’s the most powerful Cruise to ever walk a sci-fi Earth. I don’t think we will ever see a Cruise more powerful than this one.

He has infinite time to become better at using power armor to kill people.


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