I watched Supergirl at least twice at some point in my life

I saw something about Supergirl (1984) used as an excuse to not make female centric superhero movies so I thought I’d revisit the old movie.

Adventure… runs in the family.

Peter O’Toole is in this movie? Star of such movies as Troy and Lawrence of Arabia? I went to his imdb page and confirmed that I do not recognize almost any other movie he’s done.

Faye Dunaway too, though? Star of Chinatown and that movie Aaron Sorkin apparently loves, Network? Seriously, Aaron Sorkin is in to it.

Looking up Helen Slater I discovered that there’s a Supergirl tv show? Whoa, CBS is making it, and it’s the same team that’s making The Flash. So that’s interesting. I’m not interested, but the news itself is interesting. To be fair, I didn’t watch The Flash either. The only super hero tv show that I’m interested in watching is Aquaman. I never thought I’d ever write those words.

Now it’s time to figure out what is going on in this movie. I think Supergirl shows up on Earth and gets into a fight with a witch, played by Faye Dunaway. That’s all I remember. Good thing the wikipedia article is probably way too detailed…

Ok, I got it now, dawg. So Peter O’Toole destroys Argo City by taking the Macguffin and losing it in space. Supergirl pursues the MacGuffin to Earth, where Faye Dunaway finds it and it turns her into a real witch. Faye Dunaway uses her newfound super powers to roofie some rube named Ethan with a love potion, but he accidentally falls in love with Supergirl. That’s the angle we’re going with? So that’s the angle we’re going with. That’s some kind of plot, yo. I bet that I still like this movie more than Man of Steel

It doesn’t sound good, but I remember liking it because I was young and had terrible taste. Also I was a little in love with Linda Lee. Don’t judge, man.


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