Two Trailer Safari, bruh

It’s a story about one mother and one son. A country divides them. Surfing unites them. Then love also unites them. Love for each other, obviously, but they also have their own love interests. Like the respective hot people in their lives?

Can Helen Hunt’s character learn how to surf, fall in love with Luke Wilson’s character, and reconcile with her estranged son, and hang out with her cool chauffeur, played by David Zayas?

Yeah, probably. It looks sort of like a Helen Hunt-ian Lost in Translation style movie. With surfing. So… I could probably watch that. I watched like 60% of Greenburg, so clearly I’m an easy sell. Then again, maybe I’m burnt out on movies about families and their estrangement. I don’t know, I guess I got to take it one day at a time, dawg.

Let’s watch something else:

It’s a movie about one father, who is estranged from his father because he went to prison, and the son that his father is raising because that’s what grandfather’s do when their sons go to prison and leave their grandsons alone in the world. I’m talking about paternal love here, man, it transcends generations and time and space and stuff. It’s like the Odyssey.

When J-Volts (it’s what I’m calling John Travolta right now, bro) gets out of prison for crime painting, he finds that his life is getting out of control, mang. Bad dudes are blackmailing him for more crime paintings. His pops, Bearded Old Guy, is mad because Angry Teenage Son and him know all about his crime painting. But J-Volts has got to crime paint harder than ever if he wants to save his family from bad dudes, and also re-forge a relationship with Bearded Old Guy and Angry Teenage Son. That shit is clearly touching, brah. But don’t be fooled, this movie is clearly not Face/Off.

Oh man. I just remembered parts of Greenburg. I really can’t handle that movie.


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