Faaace on meeee / Face on me! / Face meeee onnn! / Face on me!

I thought this might have a good trailer.

And I was not wrong.

I appreciate that 80% of this trailer is just explosions. From John Woo who brought us Windtalkers comes an action movie that operates on a scale outside of humanity’s narrow boundaries of sanity.

I saw this movie when I was a kid and enjoyed it but I remember being vaguely disappointed. I was probably 16 and nearing a local maximum of being an annoying teenager. The premise of the movie is that a supervillain and the secret agent who has devoted his life to stopping him swap faces.

You have to appreciate the simplicity of the plot. Also, the two principle actors are John Travolta and Nic Cage, so you have to appreciate that there is now a world wide shortage of scenery due to the irresponsible and rampant consumption of scenery in this movie.

I heard that there’s commentary on the DVD which makes me curious to check that out. The movie has a lot of action and some really bizarre acting from Nic Cage, so the standard, and Travolta is super creepy, which as of today seems to be the standard.

From media.gifphy.com

Really, it taps both actors at the really core of their strengths. Through it all there’s a real undercurrent of a theme about identity as both men seem to be somewhat traumatized by the experience.

Anyway, I’ll definitely watch it again sometime. I’m more excited by this than by the new Avengers movie, honestly.


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