Let’s talk about… some THINGS

Just searching for trailers and I came across this:

Which reminds me of this:

That of course was based on this:

And as we all know that was based on this:

A movie produced by the man who brought us I was a Male War Bride.

The only one of those that I’ve seen is John Carpenter’s The Thing from 1982. I saw it after watching a review and reading an essay about how it was structured. Both the review and the essay convinced me that the movie was worth checking out and both were correct. I couldn’t find the essay despite some attempts at Bing-ing it.

(Yeah, I said “bing”.)

The Thing is a story set in Antartica, which is an amazing place to set a horror story, at a research station. The station gets infiltrated by an alien organism that can mimic people it kills. The story rapidly becomes a tale of paranoia as the men in the research station rapidly lose the ability to trust anyone around them. In the middle of it comes MacReady, the helicopter pilot, who symbolically delivers the movie’s theme by dumping his whiskey into a computer that had beaten him in chess. MacReady is faced off against an inhuman opponent and refuses to lose.

The movie is great, the special effects are still great, and it holds up. It’s Lovecraftian horror at its best.

While looking for the essay I mentioned earlier I came across this Atlantic article about how the movie is changed by introducing women into the remake. It is interesting that the 1982 The Thing had no women in it, and interesting that I never even really noticed it. I don’t totally agree with the author of the article. I think that any failure of the 2011 The Thing remake probably had more to do with the fact that those movie makers simply aren’t as good as John Carpenter and his team. I do like the homosexual panic undertones of the 1989 The Thing though, now that it’s been pointed out to me. Introducing a woman into the mix does dramatically alter the dynamics, though it could have been a strength of the movie, and it sounds like the movie overall was just mediocre.

Maybe, since we’re getting an all male Ghostbusters movie (finally), and an all female Ghostbusters movie (again???), we might as well make a mono-gender remake of The Thing.


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