Will I ever get tired of making fun of Batman v Superman? The answer is no.

One million times no.

It’s weird how much I just don’t like the idea of Batman fighting Superman. Can you imagine a Marvel style comedic action movie? But it is what it is and it’ll probably make 900 billion dollars, so I’m resigned to that. These things happen.

Let’s take a moment to veer to some excellent Bruce Wayne:

I love how hard it is him for him to conceptualize what a “normal” person does in the morning. They go… downstairs and… [pantomimes] … eats breakfast?

I looked up some more Michael Keaton scenes from the old Burton Batman and he’s excellent in it. His Bruce Wayne is sort of a ditzy eccentric as compared to say, Bale’s Smarmy Rich Fop or Dark Brooding Millionaire. And I guess that gets to the heart of it for me, Old School Batman is fun.

Anyway, I guess what I should be doing is looking up some old trailers for Batman.


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