Despite my roommate I succeed in convincing my roommate’s girlfriend to watch Galaxy Quest

I’m a fan of Galaxy Quest.

Though I am not a fan of this Galaxy Quest trailer. It’s weird when trailers show some of the final scenes, though I do appreciate how misleading this is. That’s something going for it.

My roommate was skeptical that his girlfriend could enjoy Galaxy Quest because she hasn’t watched Star Trek. Surprisingly, she was down for watching it, and both of them learned the valuable lesson that Galaxy Quest is a great movie independent of Star Trek references. More than once my roommate was like, “But what about this?” Then the scriptwriter totally addressed that. So, everything turned out fine. Also, the scriptwriters for Galaxy Quest were running a tight ship. There’s no lulls in the movie where you can start to get bored, and almost every scene advances plot or develops character.

It’s kind of an ideal Star Trek movie, J.J. Abrams. IT’S KIND OF THE AN IDEAL STAR TREK MOVIE, J.J. ABRAMS. (I don’t think he can hear me.) Hey J.J., this is an example of how to redeem your douche bag protagonist.

Galaxy Quest is a classic Three Amigos scenario. Actors from a television show are mistaken for the characters they play on their tv show by a group of naive aliens. They’re forced to hero up in order to save the day. It’s great. Is that not enough for you? How about Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell, and Tony Shalhoub? Yeah, this movie has all of them and a lot of them.

Basically, it sounds like a terrible movie, is actually a great movie, and has been often acknowledged as one of the best Star Trek movies despite not actually being a Star Trek movie.


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