Gomez Addams LOVES kissing that arm

The Addams Family movies came up yesterday and I came to the conclusion that I prefer the sequel to the first one. Not that the first one is bad, it’s quite good, it’s just the second one is just such a fun ride. It’s kind of like Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. They’re both quality movies, it just depends on what you’re inclined to at the moment.

I remember always being impressed by Gomez’s ardor for Morticia. In retrospect, it was probably the healthiest marriage I ever saw growing up. It’s hard to remember many tv show marriages. There was Al and Peg Bundy. There was Tim “The Toolman” Taylor and his wife. There was Uncle Jesse and whoever that lady Uncle Jesse was married to. Some of these relationships were marked by the husbands being horny and dissatisfied, and the women being put upon. I think the Addams were a little different.

First off, while Gomez does lust madly for Morticia, I think it’s also clear that he loves her, and his love for her is off the charts. He’s barely able to contain his love for her and while she plays it cool, I think her coolness is also something they’re both in to, so it works for them. I never doubted she didn’t love him back just as much, she just expressed it differently. Their marriage is a happy one, which is rare, and one with a much more heavily implied sex life than others. They’re kind of the complete package.

Actually, now that I think about it, the Addams Family might be a precursor to the Bob’s Burgers family. All the relationships, in general, are fairly healthy. Wednesday and Pugsley are generally always allied. Fester and Gomez always have each other’s back. The parents are always accepting and supportive of their children. It is kind of a break from the usual intra-family conflicts that seem to dominate television of a certain era, and era that extends to this day if you include shows like Family Guy.

I think the movies might warrant a revisit.


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