I love Dragon Ball Z. I mean, I shouldn’t love Dragon Ball Z, but I do and I’m at peace with this decision. So naturally, I’m interested in the upcoming Revival of F movie.

Dragon Ball Z is a massive sprawling, and meandering, franchise about a guy named Goku who is… let’s say he’s the Superman of his world. He’s an alien from another planet, he has amazing abilities, and he’s generally a pretty chill guy. The thing that Goku loves to do, and pursues with a single-minded passion, is to fight. If he’s not fighting, he’s training to fight.

And that’s the entire show, really. Goku is generally always the underdog because, among his people, he was an embarrassing weakling. In one non-canonical movie he was estimated to be 1 strength unit strong, where the baby immediately next to him was rated 10,000 strength units. So, just to give you an idea how far down he starts. But Goku’s story is about him constantly overcoming people who are stronger than him because he is both pure of heart and willing to clock the hours necessary to pull ahead of those around him.

Now, I’m not saying it’s good, but I do love stories about people who win, not because they’re necessarily better, but because they just won’t quit. I’d go so far as to say that Goku’s tale is a tragic one, as his addiction to fighting I think eventually drives him a little crazy and causes him to neglect his family. At one point he opts to stay dead (it makes sense trust me) in order to continue training rather than, you know, return to his family (a wife and two sons). In that way Goku is incredibly selfish. There’s a long standing joke in the Dragon Ball community about how Goku’s rival is a much better father to his eldest son, simply because he was the one who trained him, while Goku continually neglects that same son.

Revival of F is about the return of Dragon Ball Z’s most iconic, and well-known villain, the alien emperor Frieza (or Freezer). Frieza was the guy who blew up Krypton in this Superman analogy. Goku and Frieza battle to the death, destroying a planet in the process, in what has to be one million episode of Dragon Ball Z (it’s a criminally filler heavy show).

Frieza, according to my coworker who has been excited about the new movie, is resurrected, trains up to a new more powerful level, and then attacks Earth. Naturally, Goku and his allies will defeat him.

Spoiler alert, I just told you the entire plot of the movie.

And yet, I’m down. Obviously this probably a nostalgia powered love, but I don’t care. As I’ve gotten older I’ve just started liking things unapologetically. So I’ll have to watch this movie sometime and I’ll bet it will be awesome.


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