Run (away from bad guys) All Night

Just randomly cycling through trailers:

Remember when Liam Neeson was the dad in Love Actually?

Movies this reminds me of:

  • Taken
  • Taken 2
  • History of Violence
  • Taken 3

That’s just off the top of my head. And, of course, it reminds me of John Wick. That’s the real problem I have with this movie so far, in the time before John Wick it might have seemed interesting, but John Wick has raised the bar now and I can’t go back. I find myself asking, “Yeah, he killed your son, but did he kill your dog?

So Liam Neeson, who is starting to have an accent I can’t hear, kills a mob boss’s son, so then the mob boss tries to kill Neeson’s son. This results in father and son fighting their way through the city, and a super assassin who comes after them. It’s simple, which I appreciate.

I guess I’m getting old and tired, but I just don’t have time for many more revenge movies. I just watched Mission: Impossible and there were no gunfights in it and it was amazing. Maybe that’s it, maybe I just don’t need any more cool fighting.

It looks like they end up in the woods, fight some corrupt cops, and I’ll bet you dollar to dinar that Liam Neeson has to take one for the team. He might survive though, but only after a costly redemption. So that’s something. Movies go either way these days.

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