TRANSPORT and roll out!

Frank Martin is the best in the business…

Rules are meant to be broken.

That’s really interesting because most of the rules espoused in this movie come from Frank Martin himself. I saw that there was a new Transporter movie on the horizon (Refueled), so I thought I’d track down the original that started it all.

One of my favorite movie templates is cool guys doing cool things while killing people. It turns out, if you watch Transporter, Luc Besson is into that as well. I’ll be it’s not a great movie, definitely not Luc Besson’s best (5th Element) but it has real charm. I still reference the scene where Frank Martin is telling someone “The Rules” in a business meeting and applying the same rules to a job interview:

Interviewer: Your name is?

Me: No names.

Interviewer: Do you have a resume?

Me: *sets resume on fire*

It’s one of those movies that makes me want to wear a suit. I think there’s probably a link to old movies like the ones Jean Pierre Melville made (another favorite director of mine). Dudes in stylish suits doing cool things is just great.

Still, as a movie it kind of falls apart. Jason Statham is a great lead, and I think he’s a big part of making this movie work. Frank Martin is a kind of type-A neurotic professional crime driver. He gets hired to drive around some crime, and finds out the crime in his trunk is actually a woman. They fall in love, he kills a lot of guys in a series of escalating and elaborate fights. The end.

One of the weaknesses of the franchise is the fixation on love interests. That’s why Transporter 2 is my favorite:

It was supposed to be… an easy assignment…

That’s not the whole trailer, but you get the point.

In Transporter 2 he goes all Man on Fire on some guys in Florida. That’s pretty cool too, though he starts developing magical car powers that only seem to get really “fast” and “furious” as the franchise progressed.

Anyway, I won’t recommend these movies, but I’ll probably rewatch them. They’re like a modern day Roadhouse in their own way.


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