I started watching the Daredevil tv show on Netflix so I thought I’d check out the movie trailer.

Wow, Jon Favreau is in this movie? That’s interesting, I didn’t realize he was in Marvel movies other than the Iron Man movies.

Oh yeah, Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin and Colin Farrell as Bullseye. What a strange movie.

This movie is pretty bad and I remember not liking it but I’m slow to remember why. If I recall, Daredevil is fighting crime and then meets Elektra McLoveInterest. Daredevil LawyerGuy falls in love with Elektra McLoveInterest, and they both want to fight Michael Clarke Antagonist.

But Michael Clarke Antagonist hires Jesus Irish Assassin (who… kills racists?) and Jesus Irish Assassin then kills Elektra McLoveInterest, leading to an emotionally charged fight in a Catholic church, where Daredevil LawyerGuy crucifies (symbolically) Jesus Irish Assassin with … glass, and then goes and fights Michael Clarke Antagonist in the rain.

The ending is probably exactly like a Nicolas Sparks movie.

There’s some cool ideas. Like, he sees better in the rain because the ambient rainfall related noise highlights the entire environment for him. His superpowers are pretty zany all considered. I think I’ve heard interpretations where his physical abilities were augmented by the toxic waste that gave him superhuman disabilities.

I don’t know. I think one thing the tv show is doing really well is making him both blind, but also amazingly powerful. The tv show is kind of a better The Sentinel. Remember that tv show? Well, obviously. Who could forget:

There. We’re all better for having seen that. I didn’t just steal 35 seconds from your life, like some kind of time vampire. Coincidentally, I just de-aged 35 seconds. Don’t question it, man.

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