You’re different. I mean, except for… every other superhero. Except for them. You’re different though.

Cannot emphasize the differences enough, Star-Lord.

Wait, I mean Ant-Man. Yeah, I can see it now.

I might as well start with I love Paul Rudd. Clueless is a great movie and I’ve been a fan of him ever since. He really hasn’t made that many movies on that level since though. I really didn’t like I Love You, Man or My Idiot Brother.

It weirds me out a little how many legit actors Marvel studios can get for their movies these days. Ben Kingsley? Michael Douglas? That guy was in Indecent Proposal. That’s like, real stuff man. Michael Criton probably wrote that!

I suspect this movie will have a wise-cracking hero, cracking wise, and… being redeemed? For being a thief? Maybe it’s my post 9/11 attitude and all, and in light of all the… cop shootings… but being a thief doesn’t really bother me that much. Like, redemption isn’t that far beyond a guy who broke into places and stole things. Now take a movie like Blown Away, for example, and that’s a guy who needed redemption. Remember when Irish people were the go-to bad guys?

But whatever, I guess I should wait and see. Some of the stuff looks good I just can’t really bring myself to care. Maybe I’m having superhero movie burnout. There are like 15 more on the horizon and realistically, I quit following comic blogs for a reason, since I just got tired. This was after I quit reading superhero comics.

Anyway, this movie look alright. I’ll probably skip it, because the last movie I was excited about was John Wick, but maybe when it’s Netflix-ed I’ll check it out.


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