Mankind has been limited by our humanity, now, thanks to this army of robots I’m building, humanity will be limited by our robot overlords!

Can young hot guy fall in love with young hot girl in the future post-apocalyptic dystopia? Is young hot guy half-robot? Probably. We’ll have to find out in Aurora: Romantic Sci-Fi Thriller. And yes, I’m going to act like that is the movie’s full name.

I think robots get a bad rap. I wonder if there’s this element of Greek mythology working in our psyches, where we’re unconsciously afraid of being castrated by the symbolic children AI represent. Now, don’t get me wrong, I buy that AI are super scary. If you think about it, AI are like scariest things ever. There are people that are afraid of time traveling AI.

This isn’t like how I’m afraid of a time traveling version of myself from the future, bent on getting revenge on me. This is a time traveling super robot. Way scarier. Like Nimrod from X-Men, only with probably a better and cooler name.

But I guess I’m not that worried. For one thing, if an AI went rogue, and took over the world, I’m not 100% sure we’d be able to survive as a ragtag band of hearty rebels. Also, anything strikes me as superior to The Road world. I don’t know, I want there to be AI, but I went the AI to be my best friend. And build me an immortal super body. Maybe I don’t want an AI, maybe I want a genie.

Anyway, this movie looks ok. I’m not really compelled by Romantic Sci-Fi Thrillers. I can’t remember the last Romantic Sci-Fi Thriller I was super in to. Maybe … Terminator? That was romantic, right?


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