UNCLE, the man, he is from it

Alls I know about The Man From UNCLE is that it’s sort of a spy tv show circa the original Mission Impossible.

First off, I congratulate the people making the movie for choosing to make a period piece. I think I enjoy my tv show remakes more in the era when they were originally set. Also, spy movies were a lot more fun I think back in the day. Like, the height of Cold War spy action is probably the best spy setting of all time.

Not to say that all things should be period pieces, but I just don’t think updating everything is worth it. I mean, Mission Impossible works in the modern day, sort of. Brady Bunch worked better in the modern day really.

I enjoyed this trailer. I liked most of the Guy Ritchie movies I’ve seen. I’m actually a big fan of the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock movies, so this movie already has a bonus versus me. Judging by Ritchie’s past, I assume this will be some kind of convoluted heist movie that will all come together at the end. I like Henry Cavill, despite not liking Man of Steel, and I think he works better here in a suit.

Armie Hammer! I forgot about him. He was in The Lone Ranger, right? I meant to watch that, but then it sounded terrible. Which also reminds me, for some reason, that I wanted to rewatch John Carter.

It sounds oddly reminiscent of From Russia With Love to me. The USA and the USSR have to team up their best spies to stop a third party. OK, sounds good. Also, I love Russian accents. I don’t know why.

Anyway, I think this is probably in some ways more of a Bond movie than Skyfall. I’m not so stoked as to want to go see this in theater, but I could imagine watching it with some friends down the road.


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