I’m sure the Movie’s Fine

Searching through trailers, I came across this movie I’ve never knew existed. I would have skipped it but then I noticed the actors:

  • Robert DeNiro
  • Sam Rockwell
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Kate Beckinsdale

That is a lot of actors I like in one movie. Robert DeNiro has made some bad movies, but he’s also made some great movies (see: Heat). Sam Rockwell is the best (see: Galaxy Quest). Drew Barrymore made my sister’s favorite movie (Ever After) and a movie I really like (The Wedding Singer). Then there’s Kate Beckinsdale who I’m like 98% certain was in Underworld, Underworld 2, and Underworld 3.

How could I resist? So I watched the trailer for Everybody’s Fine.

Oh. That’s how I could resist.

I’m really irritated by that smug narrator of trailers. I’m not sure if it’s all the same guy but there’s definitely a tone narrators have. Sort of an amused at the plight of these mortals in their stupid adventure. “Watch these hamsters run in that stupid maze,” it seems to say to me.

Narrator lays it out for us, Robert DeNiro is a widower visiting his children. It’s one of those comedic movies with a dark tragic secret in the center. It makes me wonder if he’s gone senile or something and they don’t realize it. It really doesn’t matter, there are no vampires, aliens, Cinderellas, wedding singers, or bank robbers. I’m out.


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