Fury Road Warrior

I was watching a trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road and it made me look up the old Road Warrior trailer.

“Go-juice” is a good word for gasoline.

I remember really liking this movie. Specifically, I like the aesthetics of Max’s costume, his dog, and his car. Unfortunately, only two of these three things survive the movie. I was really hurt by the death of the car really.

You can see that a lot of the Road Warrior went Fury Road:

Max, or the Road Warrior because I don’t think he’s named in this movie, encounters a fortified settlement around an oil well or refinery, I don’t remember which exactly. The settlement is besieged by a creepy guy named Lord Humongous and his horde of post-apocalyptic hooligans. Road Warrior runs the siege and cuts a deal with the settlement: he’ll help them escape if they give him all the gas he can carry.

And, while he’s kind of mercenary in his attitude, after a crazy adventure he delivers them a truck that they can use to move the settlement out. He leaves, but then is jumped by the bad guys, his car (the amazing car) gets trashed and his dog dies. He is rescued but is wounded. The settlement guys are kind of dicks to him, but agree to his request to drive the truck.

What follows is a running battle, with Road Warrior fighting off the hooligans until the truck crashes and you discover that the settlement had filled it with dirt in order for Road Warrior to draw off the horde. It’s kind of a downer ending really, and doesn’t really endear me to the settlement people who were kind of jerks anyway.

I want to see Fury Road but I’m getting burnt out on post-apocalyptic horror worlds. Like, running out of water and oil? It seems like a little too close to the truth sometimes. I mean “mega-droughts” are a thing and could be a thing for the next decade in California.

Anyway, Road Warrior is a pretty good adventure movie. Not necessarily as good as say Die Hard or Back to the Future, but definitely one of the best in the genre.

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