Battlefield Hearth

I don’t remember every watching this trailer. It’s remarkable that even the trailer of Battlefield Earth isn’t good:

One of the best-selling sci-fi novels of all time? There has to be a way to check that. I mean when someone throws around that statistic my brain goes instantly to Frank Herbert’s Dune.

I guess it’s somewhat safe to think that Battlefield Earth is L. Ron Hubbard’s Dune. I’ve never read the book, and I’ve only seen the movie three to four times, so I can’t say how good a representation of the novel the movie is. Though the movie is terrible. Really, it’s awful. I think it falls safely into the so bad it’s good, but it’s not good at selling Battlefield Earth the novel.

The movie takes place on an Earth conquered and ruled by space… guys. They’re called Psychlos. I think it has something to do with Hubbard’s disdain of psychology.

The Space Psychologists are led by John Travolta, who was sort of a Morpheus to Tom Cruise’s Neo. John Travolta was a big force behind this movie.

Travolta enslaves Barry Pepper, who is … Johnny Goodboy? Look, it’s dumb. Everything is dumb. The production of this movie is fascinating. The more I heard about the story of making of this movie the more convoluted it gets.

I recommend sfdebris’s review of the movie, he goes into it in some depth and it’s so interesting.

Anyway, cavemen rebel against Travolta and his right hand man, Forrest Whitaker. That’s the movie. And the whole movie is filmed in the Dutch Angle. Oh my god, everything is at a 45 degree angle.

Berry Pepper is a Hubbardian Paul Atreides, kind of a superman, who unites the idiot cavemen and leads them to fly fighter jets and blows up the Space Psychologist homeworld. Along the way there’s a scene that’s stolen shot for shot from Bladerunner.

Battlefield Earth is a movie where at every decision point someone made the wrong call, going back all the way to, “Should this movie get made?”. The correct answer is no, but as long as it’s here, might as well watch it sometime with some friends, as long as you enjoy making fun of movies.


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