Don’t Trust the A——– in Apt 23

I started watching Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 a tv show on ABC. I was surprised that I really liked it. The show is not without problems. It’s June, a wholesome girl from the Midwest, who moves to New York to pursue a career in finance when, due to circumstances, she ends up moving in with the titular B—-, Chloe, who is a drug-using, sexually promiscuous, con-artist.

What the show does well: there’s no real slut shaming, and the show is centered around two women, so the show is constantly passing the Bechdel Test. Chloe is generally very focused on her own life and is willing to use other people to pursue that goal, but despite that the show generally portrays her as secretly noble. In this universe, Chloe is Han Solo.

June is Luke Skywalker. She complains often and wants to do the right thing all the time. Despite being poorly treated by Chloe, she is still fiercely loyal.

There are other characters too. Chloe’s Chewbacca I guess would be James Van Der Beek, played by James Van Der Beek. James Van Der Beek has a great sidekick named Luther, who is a kind of a Jeeves and Smither’s style lackey. Together they fuse into a pretty hilarious super-being. Van Der Beek is operating constantly in the shadow of Dawson’s Creek and Luther is constantly trying to accommodate his employer’s increasingly extreme idiosyncrasies.  Van Der Beek is more accurately the Neil Patrick Harris of the show, sort of a runaway character despite not being the main character.

The show can be really funny, probably almost on par with Happy Endings but there were some rape jokes that appeared in the first season that were really uncomfortable. That’s really one of my few complaints, since I’m not really comfortable with those anymore.

Oh, and I also don’t think Chloe is a B—-. I honestly suspect she might have a mental condition. She has an incredibly difficult time telling what is appropriate given a social situation, and operates as surprisingly low empathy. It turns out she was sent to a special camp for emotionally deadened children. I don’t know, I can’t really diagnose autism, since I haven’t done my research, but there might be something like that in play. So it’s less that she’s a B—– and more like she might have a serious condition she was born with.

Anyway, I can surprisingly recommend this very Star Wars like show. It’s nothing Star Wars though. Except for the character archetypes though.


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