Michael Mann is living proof that if you make a good enough movie you can be forgiven the Miami Vice movie. I haven’t heard good things about Public Enemies either.

What is Public Enemies even about?

Michael Mann’s Collateral stars Tom Cruise as an assassin named Vincent who forces a taxi driver named Max to drive him around LA while he kills people. It combines all the good parts of Heat with the Arnold Schwarzenegger of actors: Tom Cruise. It’s stripped down simplicity like a beautiful action movie koan.

Look, America, I realize Tom Cruise is a problematic figure. He’s the Paul Atreides to the Scientologists. But he’s also the reason why we get action movies. Also he’s good. Top Gun defined a generation. Have you seen him run?

Collateral is like the Dune of action movies. It’s about Max’s slow ascension to an empowered human being. The movie starts with Max, played by great Jamie Foxx, playing a man trapped in a cage of his own construction, represented by the taxi cab. It’s only when Vincent, the malignant yet compelling assassin, arrives is Max forced out of his comfort zone prison to save the day.

What I’m trying to say is also read Dune it’s a science fiction novel written by Frank Herbert and printed in 1965. But that’s another blog post.

Also watch Collateral.It’s great.


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