Live Die Repeat

Live Die Repeat is a great movie, with a fantastic title, but even that pales compared to the title of the novel it was based on: All You Need is Kill.

Do you realize how close we were to getting a movie called All You Need is Kill? That’s amazing. Live Die Repeat is also good and both are superior to Edge of Tomorrow which I hope was the name of the sword.

If you haven’t seen Live Die Repeat/Edge of Tomorrow/All You Need is Kill you’ve missed out. If you’re like me, and I can only assume the world is populated with clones of me, then you grew up watching three movies on repeat on TBS: Demolition ManShawshank Redemption, and Groundhog’s Day. And Roadhouse. So we’ve seen Groundhog’s Day around 70 times before we were twenty. And we loved it. Seriously, rewatch it, because it’s fantastic.

Live Die Repeat/Edge of Tomorrow/All You Need is Kill is Groundhog’s Day about a reporter (ha!) who gets trapped in the same day over and over again. Tom Cruise, the unstoppable film juggernaut who starred in the fantastic action comedy Jack Reacher, plays William Cage (the protagonist is All You Need is Kill is named Keiji) who due to circumstances keeps repeating the same day over and over again. Oh and that day is the day the humans invade alien occupied France.

What makes this movie amazing is that the first 75% of the movie has great action and some really great comedy. It’s very rare that Tom Cruise gets to flex his comedic muscles but Operation Tropic Thunder and Jack Reacher show that the man can be hilarious. I think conceptually he’s supposed to be playing a despicable guy, like Bill Murray’s Phil from Groundhog’s Day , who gets trapped in the same looping day and gets redeemed. The movie fails a lot in this regard, but it can be forgiven.

What the movie is actually about is there’s a PR guy named William Cage who works for the army of the USA. He meets an insane general who is the leader of the allied invasion of alien occupied World War 2. The general for unspecified reasons hates Cage and sends Cage off to die on the frontlines.

I’m serious, the General is nuts.

Cage dies fighting aliens.

Then the day starts over. It’s amazing. Eventually he meets the heroine of the war, a woman named Rita. Rita is hardcore and badass. On her first day she murdered like a thousand aliens. She killed so many aliens that she got a sword made out of a helicopter blade because she ran out of bullets. And that’s the sword I call Edge of Tomorrow pretty great right?

Without going much further into it, the movie is strongest when it’s a dark comedy about a man trapped in a hellish day, unable to escape one horrible fate after another. This is kind of undercut by the fact that Cage isn’t really that bad a guy.

Where the movie fails is at the end when someone in the studio, I assume, said, “I think we don’t want to make a great movie, let’s make an ok movie.”

And I can’t blame them, making a great movie is scary. But still, it’s a little sad. I definitely recommend watching it though and I’m a little sad that it was not a box office success…



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