4am: The Liching Hour

I’ve started getting up at 4am every day. This isn’t a life hack. I mean, it is a life hack, but it’s a life hack I’ve specifically chosen for myself. I’m not advocating it for anyone else. My rational was that since I’m too tired after work to do things I want to do, I’ll just do them before work. I was naturally surprised that I’ve found it really enjoyable.

And, since the thought of waking up at 4am is so horrific, I’ve also started getting more sleep because as 8pm rolls around I realize I can not be messing around. Waking up is serious business, so I’m actually, like in a biological sense, way saner than I usually am.

4am is a weird time of the day. You basically feel like you have the world to yourself. Any other people you see up at 4am you can only assume is up to no good. It’s functionally night time but actually day time.

I get up and try and do productive things, like draw, perhaps peruse a book (Infinite Jest? No, I do not delve into that dark mine casually), exercise, whatever strikes my fancy. As a result I’ve also been way more productive (in a creative sense) than I’ve ever been.

The downside is that as I’ve plugged into the 4am universe I’ve started losing touch with the “real” world. Things happen from 7pm on to midnight around here. It’s a serious cost that really does raise the question if the benefits are worth the price. Still, it’s working for me so far, so I’ll keep it up for now.


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